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Software Development

Coding dreams into functional digital realities.

Explore our software development prowess: Crafting custom solutions, translating ideas into powerful code that fuels innovation, driving your business towards digital excellence

Web Development

Designing interactive, user-centric web experiences.

Discover our web development expertise: Crafting captivating, responsive sites. From concept to launch, we build dynamic online experiences, tailored to amplify your brand and engage your audience seamlessly

Mobile App Development

Transforming ideas into impactful mobile experiences.

Unlocking possibilities through custom mobile apps. From ideation to launch, our team crafts intuitive, cutting-edge solutions designed to elevate user engagement and drive business success effortlessly.

AI and Machine Learning Solutions

Developing AI-based applications or integrating ML into existing systems

IT Consulting

Providing expert advice and guidance on technology-related matters

Cybersecurity Services

Offering security audits, risk assessments, and solutions to protect against cyber threats

Digital Marketing Services

Assisting clients in marketing strategies, SEO, and online advertising

Training and Education

Offering workshops or courses in IT-related skills

Managed IT Services

Supporting businesses with IT infrastructure, maintenance, and support

Merakie Products


mLearn is a School managent system which works on all education levels, Nursery to University


mchurch is a package that comes with both mobile app and web platform church systems.


mPoS is an inventory  & point of sale system, its both offline and online, best for, supermarkets, Wholesales, Hardware, Retails, etc

Our Clients

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mCommunity Program


We pattern with Hope Of Glory Charity, where we give in 20% of our revenue whenever there is a community outreach.

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